Manufacturing sector in emerging marketplace is facing new challenges. Dhanush has wide assortment and variety vertical focus solutions, Dhanush products and expertise enable manufacturing organization achieve business goals and succeed amidst the fiercest competition.

ERP for Manufacturing

The mining industry has been the most-sought after domain, thanks to the stupendous growth rate. At Dhanush, we understand that manufacturing has immense potentiality in terms of growth and development. At Dhanush, we offer robust solutions which can ‘enhance’ coordination, execution and performance. With the evolution of globalization, the need to spread across has increased; and it gets more challenging for the manufacturers to adjust to the new geographies while retaining their competitive positions. Manufacturers need to be sure that relationship between Suppliers, Partners and distributors is unimpeded by traditional stumbling blocks of time and location. Dhanush can ‘enable’ the manufacturers by keeping their operational efficiency at the peak by bringing down the gaps between the organizational entities and building a collaborative network that ‘enhance’ service and profitability. With real-time capabilities, manufacturing organizations can expand their visibility across the enterprise, make more informed business decisions, gain financial confidence, Improve inventory to reduce working capital, Deliver on customer commitments, Manufacturer to Customer demand, respond to business environment changes more quickly & better address customers’ needs. Dhanush can ‘enable’ drive sustainable and efficient operations through a comprehensive services portfolio: Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Human Capital Management.

Services for the Manufacturing Client

  • Enterprise Resource Planning(Oracle EBS & Microsoft Dynamics):
    • Implementation
    • Upgradation
    • Application, Maintenance & Support
    • QA & Testing
  • Customer Relationship Management Implementation
  • Custom Application & Product development
  • Global shopfloor applications
  • Application Support & Migration
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Data Management
    • Data warehousing & Business Intelligence
    • Big Data
  • Business Process Re-engineering & Management (BPRM)
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Enterprise Mobility

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